When someone strikes you on your right cheek, turn the other one as well.

How easy it is to read the Word of God, especially when we live our lives at minimum commitment. In other words, when we just take the easiest path and "in our discretion and poor judgment" do what is "convenient" for us. If there is no real challenge, we are not doers of the Word of God. The calling in today’s Gospel is not easy, and for many seems impossible when He says, "turn the other cheek as well," or when He tells us, "give up your cloak”, “walk for two miles. Give more than the amount asked of you; be generous, be merciful, and love your enemy.

Holiness is our goal. You and I, we have been called upon to be holy. Holiness is not a commitment for a select group of the faithful; it is a mission for you and me to fulfill moment after moment, avoiding evil and consecrating our lives to Jesus. Don't be afraid; God is with you and He will help you. Accept the challenge day after day and with a lot of prayers. In prayer, we will find our strength. Let's embrace our Christian life and work for the kingdom of God, being merciful and loving to the extreme, even to give our life for love.

God bless you and your family. May the Blessed mother protect your home.
Once again, I thank you for being part of this spiritual family of Christ the King and supporting us by participating in our Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal. I know I can count on every family of o

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