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May 11, 2020. 

Reopening of Church for Private Prayer

Please Observe These Directives

  1. The Church is open only for private prayer every day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  2. Only 10 persons are allowed in the Church at any given time.
  3. Please don’t touch anything as possible. Keep your hands together in prayer position (it will help you)
  4. Everyone must wear mask (gloves are recommended) for all prayer visits.
  5. The Parking Lot (handicap) Entrance is the only door to be used.
  6. Social distancing of six feet is to be observed.
  7. After pew is used, leave the kneeler down so area can be disinfected. Do not sit in a pew if the kneeler is down.
  8. The public restrooms are closed and locked.
  9. No public gatherings outside church, on its steps, or in parking lot.

These directives pertain to the reopening of Church for private prayer.  Other plans regarding Mass will be communicated when they are developed.

Following these rules will help our parish to remain open. Thanks for caring and for your cooperation

Father Javier Díaz, Pastor


May 11, 2020. 


Phase One:  “Reopening of Churches for Private Prayer beginning: May 13, 2020”

Common Directives to be Observed by All Parishes

  1. Dispensation from Sunday/Holy Day obligation remains in force until further notice
  2. Pastors determine whether or not and when they can open their churches safely
  • Christ the King Parish is opening for personal prayer from Monday to Friday starting on May 13th from 7AM to 8PM
  1. No public Masses or other group liturgical/devotional celebrations until further notice
  2. Sacramental celebrations in church (baptisms, confirmations, ordinary schedule of confessions, weddings) continue to be postponed until further notice
  3. Live-streaming of Masses without congregations to continue
  4. Churches will be closed for private prayer and empty during live-streamed Masses and will be reopened for private prayer after Mass (If masses are celebrated at the same location)
  5. Faithful from at risk groups as identified by CDC/NJ DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH should remain at home
  6. Regular sanitization of churches after use
  • Our Lady Star of the Sea will be cleaned and disinfected every night.
  1. Limited days open for private prayer: at least Monday through Friday
  2. Hours for private prayer in open church to be determined by pastor
  • Star of the Sea Church 7AM to 8PM
  1. Limited number of visitors at one time (no more than 10) according to NJ state guidelines and social distancing (minimum of 6 feet between visitors) to be observed
  2. Areas/pews for seating to be reserved to facilitate cleaning afterward
  3. Wearing of masks required for all those making visits
  4. No gathering at entrance, steps or parking lots
  5. Close public restroom facilities as a preventive health measure and post closure on restroom doors; consider posting this on website
  6. Remove all worship aides, pamphlets, books and paper from church pews; provide no handouts
  7. Utilize a volunteer cleaning crew if possible
  8. Encourage visitors to bring their own disinfectant wipes; provide trash receptacles at church entrance/exit
  9. Parishes with multiple church sites should only open one site, preferably the larger one where social distancing is easier

Approved by Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M., J.C.D.

Bishop of Trenton

May 8, 2020


March 23, 2020. 

The Food Pantry will be open every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., beginning 

FROM Religious education

March 20, 2020.

Dears parents and tutors,                                             

The office of Religious Education wants to keep you informed over the most recent update in the Religious Education program due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As of today, all classes, rehearsal and reconciliation, are canceled. Remember these times are unknown to all of us, we can only control how we react to each situation. We do have some days set up in order to keep the program going if the situation is permitted.

If you already received a letter with information regarding the First Holy Communion, please disregard it. The situation is still subject to change and in order to avoid confusion please visit our website for new information. The only dates that we are keeping are those dates for confirmation.

For second year confirmation students, due to the cancelation in the original date, Father Javier gave us two new dates.                                                            

Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 10:00 am/SOS. Those students have a reconciliation and rehearsal on May 7, at 4:00 pm/SOS.                                                                        

Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 10:00 am/SOS, those students have a reconciliation and rehearsal on May 14, at 4:00 pm/SOS.                                                             

Parents should call the office to pick a day by March 30, 2020.  Please call and pick the day of your preference, because the office needs to know ahead of time; otherwise we will do it for you, and once we do it you can’t change it.

 *For all other parents and tutors, remember the registration for the new year Religious Education (CCD) starts the first week of May 2020, and you can download the application from our website,, go to faith formation.

Have a wonderful, bright, healthy, and happy summer! God bless you…


FHC (First Holy Communion); SOS (Star of The Sea)

Estimados padres y Tutores,

La oficina de Educacion Religiosa desea mantenerlos informados en los más recientes cambios de las actividades del programa de educación religiosa (CCD) debido al brote del corona virus. Quedan canceladas todas las clases, practicas, confesiones y demás actividades relacionadas. Recuerden que desconocemos lo que pueda venir y solo podemos controlar y reaccionar a cada situación que se presenta en el momento.

Si usted ya recibió una carta con información relacionada a la primera comunión, por favor tirela. Han surgido nuevos cambios nuevamente, y para evitar confusiones por favor manténganse informado a través de nuestra página de internet: las únicas fechas que aun siguen vigentes son las fechas para las confirmaciones. Cuando tengamos fecha para las primeras comuniones nos comunicaremos con ustedes.

Para el segundo año de los estudiantes de confirmación y debido a la cancelación de las fechas originales, el padre Javier nos ha dado dos nuevas fechas.                                                                                           

Sábado, mayo 9, 2020, a las 10 am en SOS, estos estudiantes tendrán confesiones y practicas el jueves mayo 7, a las 4 pm en SOS.

Sábado, mayo 16, 2020, a las 10 am en SOS, estos estudiantes tendrán confesiones y practicas el jueves mayo 14, a las 4 pm en SOS

Le pedimos a los padres y tutores llamar a las oficinas y escoger el día de su preferencia, la oficina necesita saber con anticipación, de otra manera nosotros elegiremos el día para ustedes, una vez lo hayamos elegido usted no podrá hacer cambios.

 *Para todos los demás padres y/o tutores, les recordamos que deben registrar a sus niños para el nuevo año de catecismo comenzando la primera semana de mayo 2020. Usted puede bajar y copiar la registracción de nuestra pagina de internet ir a faith formation.

Les deseamos un verano hermoso, brillante y lleno de salud. ¡Dios bendiga su familia!

March 19, 2020. 

Christ the King Business Office is closed to walk-in service effective immediately.  If you have an urgent need, please call 732-222-3216 or email and  We will gladly take your phone calls for mass cards & other Parish business, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  You may leave any notes in the office mailbox at the front door.

If you need a mass card, we will leave it in our mailbox for you to pick up at your convenience.

Thank you for your patience & understanding!


Important announcement / aviso importante

March 15, 2020

La iglesia Star of The Sea, estará abierta durante los dias de semana de las 6:00 hasta las 8pm todos los dias para la oracion personal. La capilla del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus y de Maria estará cerrada.

Oremos en familia constantemente en nuestros hogares
Considere con mucha prudencia, alta precaución su asistencia o participación en reuniones de tipo personal.
POR ORDEN DEL OBISPO las Misas SIGUEN en pie =LAS MISAS CONTINUAN en sus horarios regulares.

Quien se sienta indispuesto o tenga la mínima sospecha de estar enfermo, por favor abstengase de asistir a la misa; tiene Dispensa Episcopal (el obispo lo dispensa, no está pecando).
Dios los bendiga y Nuestra Señora nos proteja.
Aumentemos nuestra oracion en familia y personal.
Unidos todos en la oración

The Star of The Sea church will be open during the weekdays from 6:00 to 8pm every day for personal prayer. The Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary will be closed.

I encourage you pray as family constantly in our homes. We are together in prayer and faith.
May the Lord bless you all.

Our Lady help of Christians, pray for us

from the pastor

March 13, 2020

  • The March 26, 2020 Penance service and the Stations of the Cross have been cancelled until further notice.

From Religious Education

Mach 13, 2020

Dear parents and tutors,

The Diocese of Trenton tells us that we must take precaution with the situation that involves the issue of health due to the  COVID-19.The office of Religious Education wants to inform you that  we have canceled all religious Education classes, and all other related activities, such as rehearsal, reconciliation, and retreats.

Confirmation has been postponed to May 9th, 2020, and May 16th, 2020. Parents should call the office to let us which date know you prefer.

All other activities and continuing Education for first- and second-year holy communion, as well as first year confirmation will be announced in the church bulletin, and over the phones for the respective teachers.

Remember always call the office if you need additional information at 732-222-3216, ext. 121.

comunicado de parte de la Educación religiosa

Estimados padres y tutores,

La Diócesis de Trenton nos dice que debemos tomar medidas de precaución que envuelven el tema de la salud en estos momentos debido al Corona Virus. La oficina de educación religiosa les informa que quedan canceladas todas las clases de educación religiosa y actividades como prácticas, confesiones y retiros.

La confirmación ha sido pospuesta para los días 9 y 16 de mayo del 2020 los padres deberán llamar a la oficina para informarnos el día que prefieren.

El reanudamiento de las clases de primera comunión y confirmación de primer año, será anunciadas en el boletín de la iglesia y a través de llamadas telefónicas por los respectivos profesores de educación religiosa. Cualquier otra información favor comunicarse a las oficinas.