We See the Light of His Glorious Resurrection.

Today we enter a great time of glory. Our eyes are set on Jesus' resurrection and we proclaim that we are risen with him! We all know that it has been a very difficult year for the whole world. We couldn’t enjoy the Holy Week of 2020 in its entirety; we missed the physical presence of our beloved community. It was a very demanding challenge for everyone, but we were together in prayer, doing everything possible to remain together and to support one another in faith, and we were not alone. God has been with us with every step and his blessings are our strength. Now we are back together with a journey of HOPE before us. Today we need to shout out to the world: Jesus came from the dead, HE IS RISEN. Alleluia!
The Resurrection of Christ reveals his mighty power. There is no greater power than his! No illness, no pandemic can defeat the manifestation of the Glory of God. We need to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ which fills our hearts today with a renewed hope; there is no more sadness, no more illness, no more pain, and no more loneliness because his light and glory enlighten our path. We are now risen and victorious with him and we celebrate as a united great community and family.
This Easter has to be the beginning of a new mission for us, a calling of the Risen Lord to strengthen his community, to work harder for our unity and sanctification, to every day, give glory to his Holy Name and to his real presence in the Eucharist, and to serve Him with gladness.
As I say constantly - we have been blessed with a wonderful community. Let us be together and continue loving God in it.
I assure you and your family of my daily prayers. Every day I ask the Lord to bless you and grant you the grace of his presence and mercy and ask the Blessed Mother to be our star to guide us in a holy life to her Risen Son, Jesus Christ.
I want to sincerely thank you for your support of the mission of our parish. You are very important to us and for us, and without your support, we cannot do the great things that we need to accomplish. May the Lord bless you for your generosity, for being part of our spiritual family, and for sharing your life, family, and faith with us.
I thank the Lord that most of you have been in contact with our parish life through our prayers and masses on our YouTube Channel "Fr Javo Díaz." Please register on this channel and frequently visit our
website "cklb.org".

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