We Enter in a Time of Grace and Into An Encounter with God

Again we enter a very special spiritual season: Lent. It is time to enter with Jesus into the desert to be close to the Father and to fill our souls with his grace. This is a special time for conversion.
During this intimate time with His Father, Jesus is tempted by the devil. He is fasting and praying and the Father is always attentive to his needs while angels ministered to Him. We are now entering into this spiritual desert and we will be tempted as Jesus was. The only way to remain faithful to our Christian commitment and our vocation is through prayer and fasting. These spiritual practices have been present in the history of salvation from ancient times; prophets, kings, entire communities, and nations experienced intense times of fasting and prayer when they were searching for God's grace, strength, a special blessing, or pardon.
We are invited to see that Lent is a time for this close encounter with God and a time to plead as a united community presenting him our needs and our spiritual purpose of conversion. This is only possible because God is always merciful. He is LOVE. Lent is a time to believe more deeply in this God who loves us and comes to save us in every situation especially during this difficult time of the pandemic. As the Father attended Jesus' needs through his angels, he will respond to our voices as we pray and he will attend to our needs.
This is the beginning of a graceful journey. What are your purposes? How will you take profit from the graces of Lent? What are you giving up this Lent? What is going to be your daily prayer and encounter with the Word of God? How will you practice mercy? I invite you to try to respond to these questions; they will help you to prepare for your holy Lent. Don’t waste this opportunity. It is the same God who is proposing a new spiritual path for you. Walk with us. Be holy.
May this Lent be a time of many graces for you and your family. May the Lord and the Blessed Mother protect you and lead you in holiness.

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