We Are People of Hope, Faith, and Love and We Walk with God!

With the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we can declare that the Christmas season has been fulfilled: the shepherds are back to their flocks, the song of the angels are quiet, the star of Bethlehem is not as radiant as it was, the kings are returning to their kingdoms, and again our lives are back on their normal course.
We come from celebrating the great event of God's Incarnation. The celebration is over but the mystery is always present in our lives. Now it is time when we have to see the fruits of Christmas Grace in our lives. Now our lives are renewed and our families are refreshed with the Love that God has poured out abundantly into our lives during this past Christmas.
We heard and spoke about hope, faith, joy, and love; now it is time to keep our spirit full of these gifts. Now it is time to enjoy the spiritual strength that the mystery of God left in our families and to keep the light of Jesus’ presence burning.
This is a new year with new purposes and new dreams; we walk by faith and we trust the Lord, especially during these challenging times of pandemic. We know that God is with us. Remember that everything is possible for God, and God is our salvation.
The Baptism of the Lord brings to our lives the renewal of our commitment with our spiritual life; all the promises of our own baptisms are renewed. We renounce the darkness and everything that comes from evil, and we declare with our lives that we believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we renew our fidelity in following Jesus our Savior.
Christ the King Parish is a wonderful community. Our churches of Holy Trinity and Our Lady Star of the Sea are a great blessing to Long Branch and for those who visit our interesting city. I can see the grace of God in all of us, and I know that He will lead us during this year of 2021. Our God is the Lord of Eternity, the One who was, who is and who will be. Let us walk with faith, hope and love. We will be victorious with Him.
May the Lord bless you abundantly and may the Blessed Mother lead us on our way of faith.
Fr. Javier

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