We Are People of Faith and We Will Walk with Him From the Carrying of the Cross to His Resurrection

Again we come to Holy Week. Last year it was impossible to be together to celebrate the greatest mystery of faith. The COVID-19 Pandemic hit us and changed our lives and our world. We faced many challenges, and now we are getting stronger. We need to celebrate that God is with us and that He is our salvation. Let us praise the Lord that we can come together as a faith community to celebrate the triumph of Christ.
The celebration on Palm Sunday opens the Holy Week and brings us the greatest and most useful mysteries of Salvation: the institution of the Eucharist, the institution of the priesthood, the passion and death of the Lord, and the celebration of His Resurrection. Today, the reading during the Procession with Palms offers a stark contrast to the following readings at Mass. First, Jesus is received into Jerusalem with cries of joy and praise by the crowd that had come to believe and have faith in Him as a prophet from God: “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
But all of this stays behind as we continue the Mass; we focus on the moment when Christ will celebrate the Passover with his closest friends. Those who welcomed him will now take him to the cross, and even his friends betray and abandon him when he is condemned for our sins. From praising him we suddenly move to torturing him and putting him on the cross. And the innocent Lamb of God is sacrificed for our sins.
Remember it is your prayers that will make this week really holy. During this week, come before the cross and sit or stand before this Love made flesh; come to our chapel and spend time in adoration of the holiest mystery of the sacramental presence of Jesus. Take on the attitude and mind of Christ, humbly accepting the pain, cross and death, and believe
that God’s love purifies, heals, and redeems. Believe that in this week God is saving you.
This has been a very different year: the COVID-19 pandemic, the quarantine we went through, the people that were taken from us by this virus, the anxiety of many confined in isolation, the temporary closing of our churches, the limitations of many activities and celebrations of the sacraments, and the list continues. Now we are full of hope and we pray
that we are on our way to a more normal way of life; and while we are, we need to be together cooperating and supporting one another to fight and defeat this pandemic. We have participated in a different way in the Passion of the Lord, we have tasted unprecedented suffering, and we have carried our crosses. We know that God has been with us in every single moment, and now we walk with him in this special Holy Week to die with Him and to rise with him, victorious. We are people of faith and our faith is our strength and hope. We know that Jesus will triumph and we will have life in Him.
As we renew this mystery of salvation, may the Lord renew your life and your family’s lives. May the Blessed Mother help us to accompany Jesus from the passion and death to his resurrection.
Fr. Javier

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