We are embracing and helping the same Lord Jesus

My brothers and sisters, this is a time to always be sure of God's mercy, to have total confidence in his presence in our lives, and in his saving power. Those who have faith should proclaim "God is good all the time." How can we not love Him? And how can we not serve Him? Reading the beautiful and hope-filled gospel for this Sunday, I find in the words of Jesus the reality of this community when He says, "Whoever receives you receives me." This is a welcoming community that embraces the many that come from different places, cultures, and traditions, making Christ the King Parish the house and church of all. I think that God looks down and smiles at us because we are a welcoming people, and we open our arms in the name of God. We are very diverse but One Family. In a way, we are tasting a piece of Heaven.
Now that we are entering the month of July, I have been here for 5 years and beginning my 6th serving this beautiful community. I feel the great love of God surrounding me in this beautiful community which is so multicultural and at the same time united in faith, service, mission, and love.
We are going through two demanding challenges: the pandemic and the fight against racism. This is a fight against two evils. It is a crisis, but we are strong, and we know that God is with us. We can see the calling of the Gospel to respond in a very responsible way, protecting not only our own health but the health of those who surround us -- our family, our community, and our city of Long Branch. If each one of us is faithful in truly loving our neighbor as ourselves, assuming that every person without distinction is my brother and sister, then we will be doing our part in the best way possible while assuming the Gospel of
I thank the Lord for the great team of volunteers, supporters, and members of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society who every Wednesday provides bags of food to families in need. More than 260 families are assisted with their help every week. God is good, and his mercy has been revealed through every volunteer.
These are signs of God’s kindness upon his people. During this time of the pandemic, more than ever, I pray to the Lord to bless all of us as One Family and to welcome all who come in the name of God, especially those in need of our love and help. Every time we receive a brother or sister in our community, every time we help a person in need, we are embracing and helping the same Jesus, our Lord.
As your pastor, I always pray for you and ask the Lord to bless you and your family, and I ask the
Blessed Mother to protect us in her love.
God Bless America
This great nation of the United States of America has been blessed in a very generous way by our merciful God. We know that the USA is under God's love and protection.
Let us give thanks for the freedom that many have fought for and defended. May this freedom give us the wisdom to respect and recognize every person's rights and duties, to fulfill ours, and to allow others to exercise theirs for justice and peace. Inspired by the Gospel of Christ and his powerful message, may we all, as brothers and sisters, be ONE in harmony, be witnesses of the Christian duty, and the grace of loving one another.
Let us pray for those who protect our freedom and justice, for wisdom and righteousness for our nation’s leaders, and especially for every American that they may contribute to the well-being of our society and church.
We place all the intentions of the USA during this special time under the protection of our Lord
Jesus Christ and His Most Blessed Mother.

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