Being the pastor of this wonderful parish with two beautiful churches, Our Lady Star of the Sea and Holy Trinity gives me the opportunity to contemplate in solitude and in the quietness of these magnificent churches the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. When nobody is there, I say a prayer for all of you, my dear children of God, and I thank the Lord for the great gift of this loving community and the places of worship we enjoy. Our churches are so beautiful and they are a meaningful part of the history of the City of Long Branch and in the history of many families. Our churches are part of our history and they are very important for our future as Catholics and disciples of the Lord.

Every single week there are more and more new members and families registering to be part of our parish community; nowadays this is a great blessing. We receive them with joy and add them as disciples and workers for the Kingdom of God at both of our churches.

When you enter our churches, always remember the words of God to Moses when he approached the burning bush: the place you are stepping in is holy ground. Now, we don’t have a burning bush, but we do have the flame of the Spirit and the Most Sacred presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist in the very center of our churches.

I invite you to be always aware of Jesus’ presence. We need to recognize him among us, to show great respect and especially more devotion and deep love. Let us bow, let us dress in a worthy manner to honor him, let us remain in silence and in prayer and contemplate his majesty and divinity.

Also, I would like you to come to the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, next to the parish Business Office. (The entrance is on Willow Avenue.) You are most welcome to visit Jesus any time, day or night; He is always there waiting for you.

May you receive many blessings every time you come to Jesus and may the Blessed Mother bring you to Jesus’ presence.

Fr. Javier

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