The People Who Sit in Darkness Have Seen A Great Light, and To Those Dwelling in A Land Overshadowed by Death, Light Has Arisen.

The preaching of our Lord is constantly calling us to abandon our darkness and become his disciples and enter his light of Glory. His lifestyle was guided completely by God’s will and he challenges us to accept God’s will in our lives by rejecting any sign that enslaves us, being faithful to his teaching, embracing our mission, following the Gospel and being committed to his Church. 

To arise and enter the light of Christ we need to repent from our sins and be sincere in transforming our ways. Sin not only hurts us, but makes us hurt our brothers and sisters, and unfortunately causes us to hurt God. Sin spoils the great plan of salvation God has for us and alienates us from the kingdom of heaven and the promises our souls are eager to receive. 

Jesus comes into our lives so those who sit in darkness will see His light and those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death will arise before his presence. 

Now we are advancing in ordinary time. We will meditate on the many different mysteries of Christ during our masses; and each mass is an opportunity to feed our souls with the wisdom of God and the power of his grace and to be nourished with the living bread. As a spiritual family in Christ the King Parish we must work together to respond to God's calling. Therefore, let us live the plan God has for us and see his great light and arise out of the darkness. 

I pray to the Lord to hold you and lead you with your family into his grace and glory. May the Blessed Mother protect you all. 

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