The Good Shepherd Is With His Flock At Every Moment

We are still celebrating with hope and great faith the victory of the Risen Lord our Savior. After these three weeks of Easter and now entering the fourth, we have heard how the Lord appeared to many and showed himself as the Glorious Jesus who came back to open the way to eternal life and
salvation to all.
The victory of Jesus is our victory; with Him, we have died to sin and we have risen to a life of Grace. We are now new people in the Lord and we want to live for his glory and honor him with everything we are, we have and we do.
This past Holy Week was very different and "sad" not having the physical
presence of our beloved community of Christ the King Parish for the celebrations of the crucial moments of the Lord Jesus, but I know that the
devotion of our people has been increased and we are truly united in the spirit even though we couldn’t minister the sacraments to those in our parish who were prepared and anxious to receive them. As this situation continues, our thirst and hunger for God also increases. I know that the Good Shepherd is taking care of his flock, and during this time of pandemic his promise is ever before us - he has promised to lead us to other pastures to refresh our souls.
God is good and we are in his hands that are full of mercy. He knows his sheep, He knows you and you know Him. Keep in mind that nothing can separate you from God's Love. This is a great inspiration in these days to continue rejoicing and serving the Lord with gladness and not allow the pandemic of COVID-19 to discourage us. We need to be strengthened by the power of the mystery of the resurrection of our Lord.
Jesus is Risen and working with power in our community. He is with us at this crucial time. Thank you for being united with us, to keep praying for the end of the pandemic, for those who are victims of the coronavirus, and for those who are helping to overcome this challenge.
May the resurrection of Jesus keep transforming your family and your hearts, and may the Blessed Mother's joy inspire you to persevere in your faith.
Be assured we are in God's powerful and merciful hands. He is our salvation.

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