The Cross Also Reveals God’s Grace and Salvation

Who does not have a cross to carry? In each of our lives at one time or another, there is something painful; it can be either large or small, something that we wish would be different, and it becomes our cross to carry.
The cross can be caused by somebody else or we may bring it on ourselves due to our choices, or at times it is just part of our lives. In everybody's path, there are crosses. During this pandemic, we see many crosses surrounding us: illness, unemployment, loneliness, depression, agony, financial difficulties, even death.
We need to learn the mystery of the cross. God is always present with us in every single moment and especially when we carry a heavy cross. "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." That is the promise of the Lord. We come to him to receive the strength we need to continue on our path, and we continue with faith, hope, and love.
It is a mystery, but the cross doesn’t come alone. Every cross accompanies a special grace and reveals God's salvation. Remember that Jesus would not have risen from the dead and saved you from your sins if he did not die on the cross. We unite our cross to Jesus' cross, to his unique and eternal sacrifice, because after the cross there is resurrection, and after our own crosses there are many graces. I have said many times, “The bigger the cross, the bigger the grace.”
Offer your cross to the Lord and ask him for the grace to love it even when we are not able to understand and abandon yourself to God’s loving mercy.
Be assured we will be abundantly blessed. God is always good.
May the Lord protect us, and may the Blessed Mother lead us to her Son.

Fr. Javier

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