The Blessing of God Will Be Present for You

This was a very interesting year. I think we will never forget anything we have had to face and the big challenges we have had to overcome. We are here, still standing, and together in faith. Our trust in the Lord is stronger than ever. Even with all the events we have witnessed, good and not so good, we can say, recognize, and proclaim that GOD IS GOOD and MERCIFUL; HE IS OUR STRENGTH AND SALVATION. We can say, "We walk by faith." 

It is the beginning of a new year and my heart is once again full of joy and gratefulness to the Lord for giving me all the blessings I and this community of Christ the King have received. I have been blessed with a wonderful parish family who has remained together in spite of the circumstances brought to us by the pandemic. It brought many changes in our lives and has shown us a new sense of life and the importance of family and of our working with others. This time showed us that many things we took for granted were not as we thought. The only thing that is real and present with no uncertainty is the Grace and Love of God, his plan of salvation, and his promises. Heaven and earth will pass but his Words remain. 

We are in the heart of the Christmas season. Jesus is born among us as a baby to save us. We are contemplating the presence of God incarnate as one of us; as human as you and me to show us the path of holiness, to guide us and to lead us into his light. His presence brings us peace and comfort. If He is with us nothing is missing. 

We celebrate Mary, Mother of God. The motherhood of Mary is extended to every child of God. She is the star of our Christmas; she is the star of the sea that shows us our journey to Jesus while we sail in the boat of our Church. 

We have a new year ahead of us - 2021. We are together, we are full of hope and faith, and we place it in God's merciful hands. We dedicate every single moment of this new year to Jesus and to his Blessed Mother. We are determined and devoted to growing in holiness, to practice charity and to give glory to God in everything we do. We know that the blessing of God will be with us throughout the entire year. Remember that He is the Lord of history and time: the One who was, who is, and will be. Christ is the King. 

And may the Mother of God protect you and bring you to Jesus. May the abundance of the blessings of God fill this year 2021. Happy New Year to you and your family. 

Fr. Javier 

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