Prepare the Way of the Lord, Make Straight His Paths

Again John the Baptist helps us in our spiritual journey calling us to "Prepare the way of the Lord, to make straight his paths," advising us to change everything in our life to give glory to God who comes to save us. A new beginning, a new opportunity!
Advent is a season of preparation with penance, fasting, works of charity, and prayer for the Coming of Christ. He comes as a baby in Bethlehem to be the King and to give his life to save us. This is the mystery of the incarnation.
During the season of Advent, we prepare ourselves to celebrate Christmas and also the Second Coming in Glory. The first three weeks of Advent will focus on the Second Coming, while during the last week, the liturgical focus will be on the immediate preparation for Christmas.
Be prepared because this Second Coming will happen when you least expect it, so don’t presume your salvation. Practice a good examination of conscience, works of charity, spiritual readings, pray the rosary every day, read the life of the saints, make Advent a season full of the grace of God and walk with us in this spiritual journey. Pray for the sick and for those who are going through hard times during this time of the pandemic.
Are you prepared today for Jesus' coming? Do you need more time? Are
you postponing your salvation? How long does the Lord have to wait for you to decide to be totally faithful to him? Understand that Jesus is very clear in his message to you: stay awake, be ready, and be vigilant. Salvation is at hand.
May the Lord fill our hearts and families with his Love, Peace and
Redeeming Grace. And may the Blessed Mother protect us.

Fr. Javier

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