Lord, Give Me This Water So That I May Not Be Thirsty

I was tremendously blessed with the great experience of going on a
mission to El Salvador from February 27th to March 5th. Fr. Guillermo Morales, a 32-year-old priest, took me to the places entrusted to him by his bishop to provide the spiritual needs of the very poor people in the faraway and hard-to-reach villages. It was very inspiring for my priesthood to experience the hard work necessary to bring the Good News of the gospel to these places and to bring some material goods to offer a little help with their sufferings and needs.
We tried to visit two villages a day, riding in an old truck through very primitive roads full of dust and danger. The way was difficult but the reward was the happiness of the people who were waiting for a long time in the humid heat in small churches they had built with their own hands. The churches were very humble but you could feel the love and the faith
they put in them. They proudly showed me how the work of the community was improving and how happy they were that we brought some help and hope to their villages.
Most of these people are part of a very long history of violence; many cannot forget atrocities they witnessed and the suffering of their parents, siblings, and friends who were killed by civil war or gangs' crimes.
One of the places I was so impressed with was "Cuchillas" (blades); the poverty, the danger, and the roads are something I won’t ever forget. It is a town where they treasure the water because it is very difficult to get and they wait anxiously for the rain to come. But the thirst is not only a physical thirst but the thirst for peace and justice. I feel that I gave them a
a little bit to drink but I felt as if I had to bring a river of living waters to their hearts.
I am happy for all the support from our community for this mission. We shared with them some of the many gifts we receive constantly from God. This mission was possible because of your generosity. May the Lord bless you and reward you for your kindness.
I ask you to pray for the villages I visited and for Fr. Morales who is a living saint giving his life to serving Jesus Christ and the poor.
We place our community and their communities under the protection of our God and the Blessed Mother.

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