Let us work diligently in the Vineyard of the Lord

Lately, the Gospel of Matthew presents several parables bringing forth
the image of the Vineyard to teach us about the Kingdom of Heaven, his calling, our mission, his waiting and the hope that you will come to Him, and his care and infinite love for us as our merciful Father.
Last week, the Lord asked his two sons to go and work in his vineyard. He received different answers, and the one who said, "I won't", repented and did his Father's will. This was a clever way to call us to conversion. We have the time to change and to do God's will and work in his Church. God is calling us to an astounding mission of mercy, holiness, and salvation.
Today, in the first reading, we find the care of God for his Vineyard that is his Church, our community. He attends his vineyard's needs. We have to be grateful and not think that we deserve every blessing we receive. Everything we enjoy is God's generosity. Our God is always doing abundant things for us. We need to keep to remember that every blessing is also a commitment and requires a response; the Lord gives and also asks.
Everything we receive belongs to Him. We are the administrator of his goodness. It is not our vineyard, it is the Lord's, and the vineyard has to produce its fruits.
The fruits of the vineyard are the answer to God's care and love. How are we responding to his generosity? What are we doing with the blessings we receive?
Is our heart set in God or in the produce of the vineyard? Are we treasuring the Divine Creator or the things created? If our heart is in the wrong place and in the possessions of this world, we will be killing the Son as in the parable. Everything belongs to him and we have received the many blessing to serve Him and his people. We cannot be attached to the blessing but to the Giver of blessing.
In today's parable, the vineyard is taking from the wrongdoers and giving to others. The vineyard has been entrusted to us and we want to do only God's will and produce many, many fruits. So, in the Name of the Lord, let us work together.
I ask the Lord to bless you abundantly and to protect you and your family during this time of the pandemic. We place our lives in Our Blessed Mother's love.

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