Let Us Open Our Hearts and Families to Jesus, the Newborn Among Us, to Save Us.

We are experiencing a different Christmas. We are encountering circumstances we never have before and I know God has to be the greatest desire of our hearts and families. Let us be totally open to God's grace and contemplate with hope the presence of Jesus among us. Emmanuel, God, is in our midst. Let us rejoice with faith and hope and celebrate together because our spirits are united in love and joy.
God gave his very self to us in his son Jesus - the greatest gift we have ever received. Now we want to continue the gift and generosity of God by giving ourselves to serving others and practicing mercy and building our community and strengthening our Christian spirit and lives. We honor Jesus in every person we find on our way, especially in the needy and poor during this time of the pandemic. Ourselves – that is the one true gift of Christmas that we should give to God with our hearts full of love and service to others.
During this Christmas, we not only wish peace and love to others and to the world, but we should build peace and love as we commit to working as real Christians for the Kingdom of Heaven.
During this Christmas season, we should strive for reconciliation with God and with our neighbor. It is the opportunity to leave behind anything we have against a brother or sister; it is a time to forgive and to ask for forgiveness; it is a time to call our family members and friends and let them know that you care for them and that you want the greatest good and graces from God for all of them. Embrace your family, pray with them, give thanks to the Lord, live the real spirit of Christmas and welcome the baby Jesus in the midst of your heart and family.
May the grace of the newborn baby, our Lord Savior, fill your family with faith, joy, and love.
Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all members of Christ the King Parish and their families and friends.
Fr. Javier

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