Let Us Love God in Our Neighbor and Reach a Higher Level of Real Christian Love

This Sunday’s Gospel exhorts us to the greatest commandments: to love God and our neighbor. Love is a source of blessings and graces for those who are able to truly love. For when we love we embrace our neighbor, we forgive, we heal and we have peace and happiness.
For many, it is easy to say that I love you or to speak about love, but it is difficult to really love in the way God loves us. God goes to the point to sacrifice what is most precious - His beloved Son. There is no greater love than His love.
Even when we were still sinners and lost when we betrayed him and nailed him to the cross with our sins, He still opened his arms on the cross and remained on the cross, not because of the nails, but because He loves us with a perfect and eternal love. What He wants is our salvation.
Love is not just a beautiful word; it is a covenant, a commitment to pardon, to sacrifice our very self for the well-being of the other, and especially the main desire being his or her conversion and salvation. In the Christian journey, "to love" takes us to the commitment of becoming the neighbor of those we find in need. Our Holy Father says in the latest encyclical letter (Fratelli Tutti), the question is not who is my neighbor but how can I become his or her neighbor. Christian love takes us to a superior love when we love our enemies; now we are speaking about our real holiness. To this point, the task that we have becomes extremely difficult; but only when we reach this point of detachment and self-giving, do we reach perfection in God and we are real Images of God who is all mercy.
This time of pandemic is offering new ways to be detached and to share with many who have been affected by this world crisis. Let us share with gladness and generosity.
God will not ever abandon us. He is with us and he is our Provident and Merciful Father.
Let us trust Him and place ourselves and our brothers and sisters in His hands.
Let us ask the Lord to give us the true experience of loving Him and our neighbor.
May the Love of God and of the Blessed Mother be with you.

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