Let Us Answer God’s Call and Serve Him Now

One of the signs of God's mercy is that He has been so patient with us and with every moment and circumstance in our lives, He gives us a new opportunity to come back to Him. He has a purpose with everything that has happened in our lives. Even in this present moment, He is giving us a
time of "grace" to come back to him and to consecrate our existence to his service and the mission of the Gospel. The problem with this is that we are very stubborn and we always think and take for granted that we will have more time, so we postpone our conversion. Our response to his calling and to the Gospel is an "I will do it later." This "later" for many people never comes.
Jesus said in today's gospel, "Let them grow together until the harvest"
giving us time to understand how precious his love is and how much He loves us, and knowing that by accepting his love in our lives, we will change and be saved. He shows us his mercy, not for us to continue in a sinful life without a real Christian commitment while procrastinating in responding to our vocation, but for us to take advantage of his compassion, and with earnestness and determination follow his calling.
We don’t know when the time of the harvest will come, so while we are waiting, let us work for the Lord, offer what we have to him, and He will do the rest. It is as the mustard seed sowed in a field, so small, but later it is a great tree and the “birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches.” Do your part with fidelity and love and God will do the rest, and your Christian life will produce fruits of salvation.
Trust in the Lord, especially during this time of tribulation. You should
not have any doubt that God is always with us and his voice is calling us.
Let us be prompt with our response and serve Him with gladness.
May the Lord in his mercy give you the strength and the love to work for his Kingdom and may He bless you abundantly. May the Blessed Mother always protect you and your family.

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