Jesus Is the Light and He Illuminates Through Us

Recently our bishop has been speaking about the lack of faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist in a great percentage of Catholics. I will add that there are likewise a great number of Catholics who do not believe in any sacrament. Many of the youth in our families are far from God's ways and far from many other things that are signs of darkness in this world. We, as Christians, need to see all this as a calling to be a light in the darkness as Jesus is the Light of the world. Just bringing to mind the recent celebration of "The Presentation of The Lord," the gospel describes the baby Jesus as a "Light for peoples, for all gentiles". 

Jesus is a gift for all and we are the ones to expose him as a light to those who are in darkness. Now the question is how you and I are lights in the world, or better, let us face our particular mission: how are you a light in your family? How are you witnessing Jesus in the community of Christ the King Parish? What are your actions that show a real commitment to the mission of the Gospel? Take a moment to answer these questions to yourself and before God. Every action is an action of light or of darkness. Sinful actions increase the darkness of evil, but we have been called to be light, so let the Light of God shine from you and may you reflect His light to your family, to this community, and to the world.

I pray that the light of Christ illuminates your heart and your family always. May Our Blessed Mother keep all in your home under her protection. 

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