I Will Not Leave You Orphans; I Will Come To You

The psalms of the last few Sundays have been really comforting,
exhorting us to trust the presence of God who never abandons us but always blesses us and save us in all our difficulties. We also heard through the readings of the Acts of the Apostles that life in the first communities was difficult and it was not easy for Jesus’ disciples to bring the Good News to all. They had to suffer but Jesus was with them to strengthen them and inspire them. He promised, “I will not leave you orphans; I will
come to you.” So He was with his disciples.
In the same way, Jesus was with his disciples, He is with us now, especially as we are facing the challenge of this pandemic; and in the same way, He commanded the disciples to go out, He sends us to share the goodness of the message of salvation and to strengthen the hope and faith of those victims of this calamity. We are now called to reveal the presence of the merciful Jesus to our brothers and sisters.
During this time, when people are facing great needs and fears, I have witnessed the generosity and the Christian heart of so many. There are those who are bravely sacrificing themselves and at times are risking their safety as they stretch out their hand to help those in need. I have seen each of them be real disciples of the Lord, real members of the body of Christ, and what is more powerful, having the same presence of God. The suffering Jesus is present in those in need and the merciful Jesus in those who are willing to help.
Our parish groups such as the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, our Social Concerns, and the many volunteers of the different prayer groups have been out giving food, money, and support to those in need. I have received many calls from people asking for help, but I have received many more offering to help in the name of God. What a blessing in this crucial time. I can see that God is with us as He promised.
All these Christians are responding to the Lord’s calling in a very specific and tangible way; we can see clearly their works, and their deeds are God's answer. "Go out, preach the gospel and make disciples," said the Lord. They are preaching without words but with significant works of mercy.
I thank the Lord and thank you for all the good you are doing and for the love put in everything to help our brothers and sisters in need. I know that God is with you.
May the Lord Jesus bless our homes and give us all a passionate devotion to the gospel.
May the Lord of Mercy bless you and keep you in his protection, and may
Our Lady of Fatima prays for us.

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