He Commands Even the Unclean Spirits and They Obey Him!

Last week we celebrated the Sunday of the Word of God, and the liturgy revealed the first words of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark: "The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel." Jesus began his ministry as his response to the grace received in his baptism. Now we see the power of his words; truly the Kingdom of God is here, and the sign of his presence is that he defeated the devil and all his darkness.
If we want to see and feel the power of the Kingdom of God, we have to repent and believe in the gospel. When we accept the message of the gospel
and allow it to transform our daily way of life then we open ourselves to the grace of the Kingdom of Jesus. He has to enter our hearts with his gospel and bring his gospel into our families, our parish, and every dimension of our lives, taking possession of our very self. Only in this way will Jesus defeat the devil and destroy his darkness in our lives.
Now Jesus is the one, who teaches us with authority, and if we follow his calling and obey his teaching we will find salvation; there will be no more fear but trust in his mercy and grace. In this time of pandemic, we need to have faith and believe in the gospel. Jesus is with us during this time, even when we are not able to understand his will and the events we are facing. Now is when faith has more value. We walk by faith and not by sight; that is the reason we find in the second reading, "I should like you to be free of anxieties." This is only possible if we recognize the power of Jesus in our history. He expelled the demon and destroyed him only with his words: "Quiet! Come out of him!” “… He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him.”
Everything is submissive under his authority. Don’t be afraid! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand; he will save us.

Jesus, we trust in you.
May the Lord Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother bless you and protect

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