God Is Infinite Love

How can we define the One who is infinite, who is so close to us, but is the greatest ever mystery? It is impossible. But what God has revealed is what we need to know of his Mystery of Salvation, and during the Triduum we celebrated his redemption.

We have just had a very unusual time in which we have meditated on the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is different not only because of our present situation facing COVID-19 and being in quarantine but also because it was a very special time to embrace the offering of God's salvation and his infinite sacrifice of Love.

I know that staying at home and putting a limit to many of our daily normal activities, being forced to change many plans, and for many, this means huge and very important plans like weddings, graduations, and confirmation, in addition to other sacrifices, such as for some families not having the opportunity to mourn together the loss of a family member, is something that is truly impacting our lives and changing our existence. In all these challenges we find our offerings to God should include and require acceptance, obedience and endurance. I know that we are discovering values in our family and spiritual lives that we didn’t notice before or just ignored and didn’t give them the importance they deserved. I know that this is bringing a big transformation in our souls and human society.

Allow this time to help yourselves grow and use all the tools at hand to increase your knowledge, your skills, and especially your spiritual life. Take the time to evaluate your life, your relationship with God, your contribution to your community and to your family. Seek ways to improve yourself so that when this is over and you can reenter society, you are a better person, a better Christian and you are able to truly appreciate God's gifts in your life.

This Sunday we celebrate the Divine Mercy and all that God has for us. We have not been abandoned; He is here risen and merciful. Jesus handed himself over to die for us, to give us his most precious gift - his own life. He did it because He loves us, because He wants us to be pardoned, to be rescued, to be saved. So be assured that his Divine Mercy will not ever abandon us. His love is everlasting. The closest we can be of a definition of God would be: God is infinite love.

We are united in prayer; we should keep in our prayers those affected by the coronavirus and ask God's protection upon our community and our families.

Merciful Jesus, for the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Our Lady, help of Christians, pray for us.

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