Everybody Is Looking for You

In this fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year "B," we continue reading from the first chapter of Mark and its emphasis on Jesus as the one who inaugurates the Kingdom of God. We can see how intense the life of Jesus is and he never wastes time; he is constantly working to reveal the power of the Kingdom of God. Jesus is attentive to the calling of the Kingdom and attentive to our thirst and our need of spiritual and physical healing.
Now it is the presence of the Kingdom with Jesus' healing ministry that highlights God’s triumph over the powers of darkness. This is dramatically symbolized by the fact that it is after sunset on the Sabbath when the people are continuing to look for Jesus; they don't rest, their lives are thirsty for the Lord, even on the Sabbath when they were not allowed to bring their loved ones to him because that would be considered an act of work. But they now know that Jesus is the answer, that he has the power they need, and only he will provide them his healing compassion. If they don't find Jesus they will continue suffering from their maladies.
We also find in today's gospel the first private healing -- the healing of Peter's mother-in-law -- who was promptly cured and who immediately began to serve them. This was a clear sign of heavenly and divine power; Jesus is the Only Son of God as we read last Sunday. He is the one we have to look for. There is no real cure without Jesus. By coming to him we will be delivered from all illnesses and from the stalking of the devil. Then we will serve him as the consequence of the acting power of Jesus in our lives, for every person touched by Jesus' healing power will become his faithful servant forever.
Are you sick? Do you need to be protected? Are you in any anguish or distress? Are you in darkness or lost? Are you fearfully concerned about your future and what is to come? Then come to Jesus. Be one of those in the gospel who is looking for him.
"Everybody is looking for you." I am looking for you. Heal me, Lord!
May the Lord and his Blessed Mother bless you and protect you.

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