Marriage plans should be made at least one year before the wedding; couples should make NO other plans until they meet with a priest.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

This is the happiest of times for you, your families and your friends, and for your parish community as well. Marriage is a holy sacrament, and as such is a very important part of Christian life! Our efforts will center on assisting you to make this special time reverent, beautiful, and open to the movement of God’s Holy Spirit. Your celebration will be a gathering of your Christian community, and as such will be filled with prayer, music, song, and times of quiet, in which the voice of God can be heard.

Some important, practical information:

To begin your marriage preparation, we ask that you call the Parish Office (732) 222-3616 at least a year before the planned time of your wedding. At that time, our secretary will register you for the sacrament, help you to secure your date, and assist you in any other way possible. Our pastor, Father Javier is available to witness your vows and guide you in your preparation.

We will provide you with materials that will guide and assist you in the planning of your wedding liturgy. Your celebrant not only will prepare you spiritually for the proper reception of this joyous sacrament, but he will also “walk you” through the Wedding Liturgy, explaining your options and providing suggestions.

Our Director of Sacred Music will be available to guide you in your choices of appropriate music for your liturgy.

You will be given a copy of the Pre-Cana Schedule for the parishes of the Diocese of Trenton. This will inform you as to the Pre-Cana dates which are scheduled in all of the parishes of our diocese for the coming year, allowing you enough time to choose a convenient time and place to participate. Engaged Encounter information is also available in this schedule.

Finally, you will be given information on the Diocese of Trenton’s “God’s Plan for a Joy-filled Marriage Session”. The God’s Plan program provides a full catechesis of the Church’s teaching, in an uplifting manner that resonates within the human heart. The goal is for couples to comprehend the “whys” behind the “what’s” of Catholic teaching.

It is our privilege to serve you as you prepare for this joyous sacrament. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have throughout your time of wedding preparation.