Your Acts of Mercy for the Poor and the Needy Become Your Treasure in Heaven

In today’s Gospel Jesus invites us to work diligently in building our treasure in heaven and not to be lost with so many vain distractions of this passing life; things that apparently are our safety nets, but at the end are false illusions that take us away from the Kingdom of God. “There are no pockets in the shroud” is a wise old saying. You cannot take what you own with you, or in some cases what owns you.

We need to ponder the parable. The rich man’s fault was not in planning ahead. He was perfectly right to provide for the rainy day. Where he went wrong was in thinking only of himself, his own comfort and well-being, while ignoring those in need that God put in his way which would open the entrance in God's Salvation.

Seeking the Kingdom of God requires more than just joining others in worship. It includes all the chances for practical service that life puts into our hands; every work of mercy will have a reward. By giving ourselves in merciful service to our brothers and sisters we “lay up treasure in heaven.” Whatever we give to others in this way is not lost, but is the kind of gain that really counts. Remember that what you have given is what you really possess and it is the only thing you will take with you on the last journey to God's presence.

Keep in mind that every person in need that you find on your way is an opportunity to serve Jesus by serving them. And those that you help who are in desperate need are the ones who will receive you into eternal salvation.

May the Lord bless every member of Christ the King Parish and may the Blessed Mother protect your families.

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