You Are Witnesses of These Things. Jesus is Risen

As we continue to celebrate Easter we have been hearing many testimonies of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ: every story from the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles reveals the power and glory of the Risen Lord.
Lent is over, the pain of the passion and death of Jesus is overcome with the joy of his victory. We have now been brought to the light of his grace; we are raised with Him and now is the time to adore Him and to recognize Him being present in our lives.
In today's gospel Jesus’ disciples recount the story when they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread - the moment of the Eucharist. That is the gift of the resurrection for us: Jesus is present in the Eucharist. There can no longer be any doubt in our hearts. He is truly present in the sacrament we share when we break the bread and it becomes our spiritual nourishment and salvation. Do not be an unbeliever as we were told last Sunday, but believe! The treasure of love and redemption is at hand. Come and receive it and you will have eternal life.
How willing are you to share some moments of adoration with Jesus? Remember that Our Lady Star of the Sea Church is open from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm every day so you can come and adore him, to be with him and to tell him your story. Also we have daily mass, the precious sacrifice of the Most Holy Eucharist, at 12:10 pm at Holy Trinity Church. What an infinite grace has been given to us! Take it - it is the Lord!

May the Risen Lord bless you and your family with the power of his resurrection. May the blessed Mother protect you always.

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