Whoever Has My Commandments and Observes Them Is the One Who Loves Me

At times it is easy to say, "I love you Lord," or "I am Catholic," or "I believe in God." But saying these easy sentences have real implications in our lives; they are a deep confession that defines the most important part of our soul, and in our specific case, our Christian activity. Loving God, being Catholic, being a believer is a commitment that takes the wholeness of our existence, and we express it through every action.

Today’s Gospel tells us if you love Jesus, you will keep His commandments. So if you love Him, you are faithful to His words, and you become holy. Our faith and our confession of faith have to be precise and shown in Christian actions, in works of love and generosity. The one who believes is an active witness of the power and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Do you want to know how much you love the Lord your God? Ask yourself how many people have been impacted or influenced by your testimony and faith? How many people have you helped to become closer to Jesus? How great is you enthusiasm for announcing the Gospel? How and where do you share your faith?

My dear people of God, Christ the King Parish needs you; help us to be a more effective parish in sharing the Good News of the Lord. Help us to honor God and to make this parish a revelation of God's Kingdom.

May God bless you for your generosity with the gospel and for your love and commitment to His Church. May the Blessed Mother lead you towards Jesus.

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