Who then is this whom even wind and sea obey?

We are so blessed to be so close to the ocean. We can enjoy one of the most natural beauties of the creation of our mighty God. It is relaxing to take a walk along the beach. During early mornings and late nights, it becomes a very nice place to pray and to contemplate God's power. At the same time, it demands our respect and admiration.

In the Bible, water has a double meaning: death as humanity experienced during the big flood in the book of Genesis; or life, when everything in nature springs and flourishes bringing beauty and nourishment to all. Water has two meanings in our baptism: we die with Jesus and we have risen with Him to a new life.

Water has power, and it is a great power. It can transform our reality, destroying or recreating.These were the reasons the disciples were afraid during the storm when they were in a fragile boat. These were the reasons the disciples were amazed when they witnessed the power of Jesus to overcome the impetus and fury of the ocean.

With Jesus everything is possible, and he is with us. Who should I fear if the Lord is with us? He defended his disciples from the storm. The storm is not only the wind and the waters of the ocean, but the storm that we bring in our lives, in our souls. The storm is the battle of our Church facing the attacks of the devil. Jesus is with us, so don’t be afraid, have faith! Even the sea and the wind obey him. Then let us walk by faith; with Jesus there will be calm, and we will contemplate his victory.

While we are in the boat of the Church, we have the wind pushing us forward that will take us to the land we are looking for, but we need to row. It is not enough just to wait to be pushed by the Spirit and do nothing. We have our mission, the boat is the Church, the wind is the Spirit, and we are those rowing with our efforts and payers. Everyone has his or her own part.

How many plans we have ahead of us! And God is with us. Let us be together, pray together andwork together.

May the Lord bless us all and keep us in his great love, and may the Immaculate Heart of Mary reign is your home.


Let's us raise our voices in thanksgiving to the Lord for all the blessings that Father Fernando during his 10 years as a faithful priest has brought to the Church, for all the work of fulfilling God's mission. We thank the Lord especially for this time in our loving community of Christ the King exercising his ministry with gladness, integrity and devotion.

As the Pastor of Christ the King, I feel so blessed to have him as my brother priest and friend supporting our parish mission. I pray to the Lord to bless him. May the work of his priestly and consecrated hands produce many fruits of salvation for God's faithful. May his life and priesthood give more and more glory to God.

I place his life and vocation in the love and protection of Mary, the Blessed Mother of God and Mother of priests.

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