Which of the Two Sons Did His Father’s Will?

In today’s parable one of the father’s sons said "no" but in the end he did his father’s
will. The most important thing was the way he acted and did what his father wanted
him to do.
The Catholic faith teaches us the importance of our Christian actions: our practice of mercy, charity, love
and forgiveness, and as Paul tells us, only through these actions can we show our faith. Our Catholic faith is not
only about words, but mostly about what we do in the Name of the Lord, and the Glory we give to God with our
I am so happy to be the pastor of a community which is very generous, a community that gladly shares in
Jesus' name. This last weekend many families brought donations for our brothers and sisters who are victims of the
hurricanes that devastated many communities and the earthquake that destroyed part of Mexico. Thanks to all who
donated because it enabled us to send food and clothing to help many families in need.
Everything you do to help others in the Name of God is going to bring a reward; God sees everything you
do, and your works of mercy are building a treasure in Heaven for you. You are doing the Fathers' will when you
are merciful; you are practicing your faith and being witnesses of the Gospel of the Lord.
Thank you!
May the Lord in His eternal mercy bless you and may His Blessed Mother protect you always.

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