Wherever I Go My Community Is Always in My Heart and in My Prayers

God is merciful and great, and I can see many signs of his love in my priesthood and in my life. I had the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage to the Marian Shrines in Europe. We went to Fatima, to Lourdes, and to Montserrat in addition to other places of prayer. I think that one of the most wonderful experiences I had was when I immersed myself into the blessed waters in Lourdes. Just immediately before I went in, I prayed to the Blessed Mother for my priesthood and my community; each one of you was in my heart and in my prayers at that very moment. I know that the Blessed Mother poured her graces into my life and into Christ the King Parish.

Everywhere I went you were with me as well as in every holy mass where I offered you and your intentions to God. This pilgrimage was truly spiritually powerful and the Lord gave me wonderful blessings, but I know that the more the Lord gives me, the more He will ask of me.

Now I am back, renewed in my priest-hood and ready to continue my work for the Lord. Constantly I ask Him, "Lord, what do you want from me? I am here to do your will; may your will be done with me and in my community of Christ the King."

Be sure that wherever this pastor goes, his sheep are with him, in his heart and in his prayers.

May the Lord and the Blessed Mother bless you and keep us united in prayer.

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