During this beautiful time of Lent, we have been preparing to celebrate and receive all the graces God has for us in this great experience of faith. We now proclaim that we have died with Jesus and now we are risen with Him. Our hearts are exultant with great joy.

Even though I see that we are returning to our normal life and routine, Thank God, we must continue to pray for the total end of the pandemic; and now we commit to pray for peace and an end of all violence and war.

I have witnessed many great miracles during this precious time; so many people, after a long time away, have come back to God, embracing His mercy. With great rejoicing in my heart I welcome them and celebrate God’s mercy and triumph in their lives. Also during this time we have many uplifting moments of grace such as the first confession of our children. (Give thanks to the catechists who did a wonderful job preparing our children and organizing the celebration of the ceremony.) Another activity was the Friday dinners that Holy Name Society organized for the community to share and enjoy. In addition to the above, another important time was the visit of our bishop, David O’Connell, who confirmed our well-prepared youth for this special sacrament. All of these events of joy are signs of the resurrection of Christ in our community of Christ the King.

I know that God will continue blessing us throughout the year. I am anticipating much for every one of you; many things are changing for the good of our spiritual lives and souls. We know that Jesus is risen, and we feel that our community has risen with him; we have a new life in the Lord.

Now the challenge is to make the many graces received to flourish in the hearts of our community; everyone has to take part in this mission; we have to work harder, and be joyful and united as brothers and sisters in the Risen Christ so we will honor the name we have as a parish–CHRIST THE KING.

May the resurrection of Jesus redeem you life and home. May the Joy of Mary at her Son’s victory enlighten your heart.


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