We Participate in the Sufferings of Christ But We Have the Strength that Comes From the Lord

In today's Gospel Jesus is transfigured before the disciples revealing and announcing his glory. With this taste of the glory of Jesus, and at the same time confirmation of the Heavenly Father, the disciples are strengthened to face the sight of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The death of Jesus on the cross is the hardest experience to witness, and they need the power of the presence of God to go through it. So in this way, we can be assured that in the disciples' lives, there won't be a burden greater than their strength.

We have our own burdens and crosses; every one of us has our own pains, and sometimes we think that we won't be able to continue to endure the pain, but it is the same God who stands with us and carries us in his merciful hands which helps us to carry on. We have to be with Jesus in his passion and we participate in his suffering. But rest assured that we will also witness his transfiguration, and his light and glory will strengthen our hearts. We need to go to the point to die with Him in order to rise with Him. Don’t be afraid, God is here, He is with you and never, under any circumstances, would he ever abandon you.

Let us have a holy Lent with intense prayer, sacrifices and especially with acts of love and generosity, serving and assisting Jesus with those brothers and sisters in need.

May the Lord in his Love and the Blessed Mother bless you.

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