“We Know That All Things Work For Good For Those Who Love God…”

This sentence of Saint Paul to the Romans is an invitation to trust God's will in all circumstances of our lives, not only when we can see the way out of our troubles and burdens, but especially when we see no light at all.

Everybody has had moments when we do not see any light and we believe that all is lost, and our minds convince us that no answer is possible; that is the precise moment to hear the words of the Lord Jesus, "What is needed here is faith."

There are moments when we need to meditate and really believe the sentence of Saint Paul, "We know that all things work for good for those who love God…” There are things that we are not able to understand, and we wonder why we are going through this particular dilemma, and feel there is no answer; that is when we need to walk by faith and abandon ourselves into God's hands. I have prayed many times saying to God, "Lord only you know the reason for this situation in my life; I know that you know what you are doing for me, because you love me and you know what is really good for my soul and for my salvation.”

Everything is possible for God. It doesn’t matter how difficult your problem is or how large the difficulty is in you life; if you trust the Lord and you put your heart and trust in Him you will see great things and you will pro-claim His glory. So abandon yourselves to God’s mercy, He leads our lives. Rest assured that He will never abandon us. God is with us!

May you trust God in all His ways and follow Him faithfully. May the Lord and the Blessed Mother bless you and your family.

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