Today I Must Stay at Your House

How great was Zacchaeus’ surprise when he learned that Jesus, on His own initiative, was going to come to his house and stay with him! How wonderful it would be to hear from Jesus that He is coming to our home tonight! The good news is that Jesus is already at our home.

As I said, it was Jesus' decision--Zacchaeus didn't invite Jesus. It was Jesus who wanted to come to stay with him. The same thing happens in our lives. Jesus wants to come to us and stay with us. Be sure my dear people of God that Jesus is at your home, in every part of it. So let us honor His presence among your family. Let us recognize that He lives with us and let us give glory to His Name by praying with our children, giving thanks before meals, having Christian conversations, reading the Sacred Scriptures, learning about our faith, and having a small altar dedicated to Him and to the Blessed Mother. We cannot be indifferent to His presence; let us live a family life worthy of His presence.

The presence of Jesus should trans-form our families to families of prayer and our community of Christ the King into a community of faithful and holy families.

May the presence of Jesus and His Heavenly Mother in your home bless you constantly, and may your heart be open to adore Him at every moment and in every place.

Fr. Javier A. Diaz

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