The Wisdom of Jesus is the Source of Holiness for His Disciples

The last gospels read at our masses told us of the power of Jesus upon the devil, upon nature and the storms, and last week upon illness and death. Jesus is almighty!
In today's Gospel the people were so amazed at the Wisdom of Jesus. What kind of wisdom is this? Jesus' Wisdom is infinite, and he instructs his disciples with it.
Jesus preached the Kingdom of God to all with great power. Many did not receive him and rejected him and his message, but he was faithful to the mission he received from
the Father. We are called by Jesus and sent by Jesus. It is the same with us; we have the same mission of sharing the Good News to all in every place we are and with every person we meet on our way--our families, our friends, co-workers, and our parish community. Sometimes we are accepted but many times our message is rejected because it is the message of Christian life, the message of Jesus.
We have to do our part. We place the seed of God's Word, and God will do the rest. For our part we have to respond bravely to our commitment, facing all circumstances and doing everything with a spirit of generosity, offering all that we are and have for God's Kingdom.
Christ the King Parish has a great community and we are working together for the future of God's mission here. I thank the Lord that many are responding with eagerness to the vocation to which they have been called. I am so proud of our spiritual family support during the pandemic. You are wonderful; we are a family working together for the glory of God. I am touched by many of you in our parish who are constantly giving and sharing your time and your resources for others and to others. Remember that we cannot ever surpass the generosity of God.
Be assured that all members of this community are in my daily prayers. May the Lord in his kindness bless you, and may the Blessed Mother protect you.
Thanks to Our God who Blesses America
I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July celebration with your family. This is a very blessed country, and we praise the Lord who blesses the Great Nation of the United States of America. We need to continue praying to the Lord for peace, justice and brotherhood among all so together we may contribute to keeping America a truly blessed

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