Our Help Is From the Lord, Who Made Heaven and Earth.

The liturgy this Sunday is a wonderful invitation to trust the Lord in every moment of our life: "The LORD will guard you from all evil; he will guard your life. The LORD will guard your coming and your going, both now and forever." The Lord is always with us! We need to have faith even in moments when we don’t understand God's will, even when we don’t feel his presence or when we have the sense of being abandoned and neglected, when everything seems to be against us or when we are going through the darkest night or through the valley of death; we need to proclaim with our hearts that God is with us.

This Psalm we proclaim today should be always on our lips because "The LORD is your guardian; the LORD is your shade..."
He doesn’t rest taking care of you and your real needs. Every person goes through difficult moments, trials, persecutions, problems, illnesses, tragedies, pain and death that are challenges in our Christian life, but we stand firm in the faith. As Saint Paul says we come out victorious in the Lord. So don’t be afraid. Wait for the Lord. Trust him because his mercy is everlasting.

As your pastor, I ask the Lord to bless you constantly. May his love and power, and our blessed mother, our Lady of Aparecida, hold you and keep you.

Fr. Javier A. Diaz

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