Our Commitment Continues During Summer

We are officially enjoying summer and it is a great time to engage in various outside activities. At this time, Long Branch is full of life and visitors. Many people have different summer plans to enjoy and that is part of the beauty of this season.

I would like to remind you that Jesus is with you during the summer. Our parish community is very active during this time, and we want you to participate in the many things that happen here at Christ the King Parish. In addition, we have Fr. Fernando with all his energy and creativity to help us continue building our vibrant community.

The Sunday Mass obligation is the same during the entire year whether the weather is freezing cold or hot and humid. Remember, our heat and AC are working well even though at times it is difficult to keep everyone happy because while some are too hot, others are too cold; but we are trying to keep everyone comfortable. This great encounter with Jesus and the community must not be missed. I know that the beach and beautiful weather call you but Jesus is always waiting for you, and his calling is for your salvation; so plan to attend mass either before or after you go to the beach. It is your choice. The week has 168 hours, and 1 is for you to give thanks to God in the Eucharist.

I know that at times, it is hard to come to mass because the unexpected happens; but you should always be faithful and increase your desire and devotion to the calling of your faith to celebrate Jesus' Love. Remember, he loves us and only Jesus has words of eternal life. He invites us to take up our cross, so for love of Jesus and to receive his salvation, we must come faithfully to him in fall, winter, spring, and summer so that we are always with Him.

May you always be faithful to Our Loving Savior Jesus, and may He bless you abundantly, and may the Blessed Mother protect you in her mercy.

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