“No One Can Take Them Out Of My Hand.”

What a joy to continue proclaiming the Risen Lord our Savior as our God who has victory over sin and death. After these three weeks of Easter and entering the fourth, we have heard how the Lord appeared to many and showed himself as the Glorious Jesus who came back to open the way to eternal life and salvation for all.

The victory of Jesus is our victory; with him, we have died to sin and we have risen to a life of Grace. We are now new people in the Lord and we want to live for his glory and honor him with all we are, everything we have and do.

Holy Week was a great blessing for the community of Christ the King: the celebrations of the crucial moments of the Lord Jesus, the devotion of our people, and the sacraments given to many in our parish show us that we are a risen community. Also, we had First Holy Communion of our children and the community rejoiced with them. God is good and we are in his merciful hands. He said in today's Gospel, “No one can take them out of my hand.” This means that nothing can separate us from God's Love. This is great news as we continue rejoicing and serving the Lord with gladness.

He is the one who is doing great things for us. Everything you see happening here in our churches is the hand of God, the revelation of his love and mercy, the power of his resurrection. Jesus is Risen and working with power in our community through you. Thank you for embracing your call and responsibility as a child of God, for participating in all the actions of the Holy Spirit in Christ the King. Thank you for putting your hands together with me to build the community and church of God.

May the resurrection of Jesus transform your family and heart, and may the Blessed Mother's joy inspire you to keep doing your good work. Be assured we are in God's powerful and merciful hands.

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