My house is Bethlehem

We are about to celebrate one of the greatest mysteries: God present among us as a baby who comes to save us. Christmas is coming, please do not miss it. I am not speaking about the gifts, the food, the music, the bright ornaments, or parties. I am speaking about God entering your home, into the intimacy of your family and heart. He is coming; open the door for Him. Soon the Holy Family will knock at your door; Mary is pregnant and needs a place. Are you ready to let them in? What a great Joy! He comes to visit you, to be with you, to love you and to save you. Let us be united in prayer as a family and as a parish that this coming Christmas will be a real encounter with the light of the Lord born in Bethlehem, and on this Christmas night let your house be Bethlehem. Come Joseph and Mary! Come Lord Jesus and be with us and bless us!


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