Love Is the Greatest Strength Ever

This Sunday’s Gospel exhorts us to follow the greatest commandment: to love God and your neighbor. Love is a source of blessings and graces for those who are able to truly love. For many it is easy to say, “I love you,” or to speak about love; but it is extremely diffi-cult to really love in the way God loves us, to be able to sacrifice what is most precious to us as the Father sacrificed his only Son for our salvation.

When we were still sinners and lost, when we betrayed him and nailed him to the cross with our sins, He still opened his arms and remained on the cross, not because of the nails, but because he loves us with a perfect and eternal love.

Love is not just a beautiful word; it is a cove-nant, a commitment to pardon, to sacrifice our very self for the well-being of the other. To a Christian the love commitment should mean even more; it goes as far as giving and sacrificing everything not only for our good friends, but also for our enemies. To this end the task that we have becomes really difficult; but only when we reach this point of detachment and self-giving do we reach perfection in God.

The person who loves in this Christian way finds the joy and peace of the Gospel. And God is pleased with him. Remember that Love is the greatest-ever strength (force) that you can posses because God is Love.

Let us ask the Lord to give us the true experi-ence of loving Him and our neighbor.

May the Love of God and of the Blessed Mother be with you.

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