Lord, Increase Our Faith

I truly feel so blessed to be the pastor of Christ the King Parish where we have so many people who serve the sick and the poor, who pray a great deal every single day, who work generously offering their time and supporting our mission economically and in every way they can, and who worship, give thanks and praise to the Lord in everything they do. Many things are happening all the time in Christ the King Parish and many projects are coming in our future, but what is really important here is that all those mentioned above are reflecting their faith and hope in the Lord.

Faith is a gift from God that grows throughout our lives, fanned into a flame, as we can find in this Sunday’s second reading. We need to have confidence in the faith we have. We can trace the history of our own faith and remember personal moments that strengthened our faith. These can be varied – prayer, love, works of justice, the beauty of creation, times of illness and death and sacramental life. What is important is that they are personal moments and community moments with God where we celebrate our faith together. All these moments are privileged times of the growth of the mustard seed of faith.

Without faith we would be lost for our lives would lose sense and direction because faith is the motor of the Christian action. The greater our faith is then the greater is the revelation of the power of God and his salvation in our life and community. So let us plead to the Lord as the disciples said: "Lord increase our faith."

May the Lord bless us and may the Blessed Mother keep us in her care.

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