Lord Come and Touch Me

We constantly see in the Gospel how Jesus fulfills the prophecy when he opens the ears of the deaf and restores the speech of those with impediments, how he opens the eyes of the blind, heals the crippled, raises the dead back to life, and in his mercy ultimately takes away our sins. This is so much more than what the people who heard Isaiah’s message expected.

In the Gospel the people begged Jesus to lay hands on the deaf man with a speech impediment. Jesus did much more -- he put his finger into the man’s ears and touched his tongue. This is probably far more than most of us would do if asked to pray for someone, but for Jesus it was a natural response of God’s love and personal involvement with us.

This Gospel is a good reminder and lesson for us as to how to look at God. In our minds, heart, and devotions we sometimes place a great distance between us and God, while these Scriptures show us how close God is to us. He always wants to reach out and touch us, whether it is to heal us of some infirmity, comfort us during a time of sorrow, or forgive us when we sin against him. When we turn our hearts and lives to God we always receive far more than we expect. God is always good and merciful. Let us trust in him and place our lives and needs in God's hands.

In the way Jesus touches us with his mercy and helps us with our many needs, we must stretch out our hands and touch the lives of those who are suffering and going through difficult moments or have great needs. Our Christian life is not only asking Jesus to touch us and to restore our lives, we must remember we are on a mission; this world needs our hands to help others. Mercy is what I want, says the Lord. Let us be merciful at this time
with our brothers and sisters in need in Afghanistan, in Haiti and the victims of hurricane Ida. United and with God's help we can heal this world.

May the Lord touch you and bless you, and may the Blessed Mother protect you and your family. We are together in prayer.

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