Let Us Welcome Jesus in Every Child of God

We have been preparing ourselves to joyfully celebrate the birth of Jesus as a Child of Bethlehem. God gives us the gift of his very presence as a defenseless baby; he offers himself to us so that we can take him into our arms, lift him up and embrace him. In so doing to the Child Jesus, we will then not be afraid to take into our arms, raise up and embrace the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, the imprisoned (cf. Mt 25:35-36). “Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors for Christ.” In this Child, God invites us to be messengers of hope. He invites us to become custodians for all those bowed down by despair from encountering so many closed doors. In this child, God makes us doers of his merciful love.

Moved by the joy of the gift, little Child of Bethlehem, we ask that your crying may shake us from our indifference and open our eyes to those who are suffering. May your tenderness awaken our sensitivity and recognize your call to see you in all those who arrive in our cities, in our lives, in our Parish of Christ the King. In opening our hearts to those who come to us, we are opening our heart to Emmanuel “God among us”.

I pray to the Lord to bring faith, love, and peace to your heart and to your family. May the Blessed Mother, who protected the Lord in her arms, protect us all.

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