Jesus Our Risen Lord Is with Us, and We Are Risen with Him

The women went to the tomb early on Sunday morning, but Jesus was not there. The angel told them that Jesus had risen. The Risen Lord appeared to numerous people in addition to His disciples and these faithful women. Many were blessed with His victorious presence. Now the Risen Lord is present in our lives, in our community and especially in the Eucharist where He gives Himself to us.

For us, sharing in the resurrection of Jesus and meeting the risen Jesus is not just something we hope for in the future, but it is also for us now in the present. It is offering us new life in the light of His victory and resurrection. We walked with Jesus in the desert of our Lent; we died with Him when he was crucified for our sins in the darkness of Good Friday; now we sing alleluia and return to a glorious life of holiness to praise Him and to Serve Him forever.

Let us rejoice with Mary and glorify the magnificence of our God. May all the graces of the Resurrection of Christ fill your heart and family.

May you have a happy and blessed Easter.

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