Jesus’ Heart Was Moved With Compassion

Today's gospel offers us one more time the merciful heart of our Lord Jesus is full of compassion when he sees his people and their needs. The heart of the Lord enters into the depths of our hearts and comforts, heals and loves us.
In every single moment of our lives, especially during moments of trials and sorrows, Jesus is with us, and his heart understands our needs. He knows more than you know what you need and he will provide the merciful response to your call and your prayer at the right moment.
We are at times like sheep without a shepherd. Sometimes we are confused and lost in this world. Sometimes there is too much darkness surrounding us and we cannot see the light. Then we feel like the sheep that is far away from his flock and his shepherd. Even when we go through moments of uncertainty and we walk in the night of doubts, Jesus is with us. His
promise remains with us: I am with you until the end of time.
As we see in today's gospel, Jesus was moved with compassion. This word is rooted in two words: "Com" that means "with" and "passion" meaning the suffering. So "compassion" means that He, Jesus, suffers in your sufferings. He will never abandon you. He carries your cross because he loves you and will save you. Courage! Keep on believing! Have faith! His heart and eyes are upon you and he will rescue you in your needs.
May the Lord in his kindness and the Blessed Mother bless you and keep you.

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