I Am Going to Prepare a Place for You

This sentence of the Gospel according to John is part of a great promise to us by the Lord Jesus that should fill our hearts with immense hope and joy. The same Lord is preparing a place for you in God's Kingdom, in the heavenly house of the Eternal Father. Leading a good Christian life will help us to reach this goal so when we finish our journey, we will be there with our Lord, enjoying the unimaginable splendor of God's glory. There is nothing better and our souls long for it.
Truly it is a promise, a promise for those who remain in God's Love, for those who listen to His Word, for those who are faithful to His message of life, for those who work for His Church, for those who practice mercy and charity, for those who open their hearts in generosity, and especially for those who forgive and love as God com-manded us to do.
As your pastor, I want you to believe in God's promises and in His everlasting mercy, but I also want you to understand that you have a very important part in this. Your Christian life is a deep commitment to God and the work to be done to fulfill the mission of the Gospel and His Kingdom.
How deep is your commitment in being a missionary of God's message of love and salvation? How are you working with the community of believers? How are you giving yourself to the Lord?
Be brave, be generous, be dedicated, give to the Lord and His greatest promises will be fulfilled for you.
May the Risen Lord bless your life and give you the strength to spread the Good News. May He bless you and may the Blessed Mother protect you.

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