He has Risen!

Let Us Sing Glory with All Our Hearts and Be Risen with Christ

The Resurrection of Christ is also the celebration of a new life for us. Let us rejoice with the Blessed Mother, with the disciples and all creation and sing the Glory of God with all our hearts.

After walking with the Church in the dryness of the desert we are now in the living waters of a new life; no more darkness, no more sins, no more death. We are risen with Christ and we need to announce to all that the Lord Jesus is alive in our Church, in our homes, in our personal lives.

The season of Easter lasts for fifty days and we will be sharing beautiful histories from the gospel; how those who were downhearted, depressed and lost with the death of Jesus on the cross, are now overjoyed with His glorious apparitions. "I have conquered the world," said the Lord and we are witnesses of His victory.

Christ the King Parish has to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. As your pastor I am asking you to put a sign in your home of his Glory, something new, a sign of life, a sign of hope that will remind those who see it that Jesus is Risen. Perhaps that sign could be some flowers – white lilies - with the bible in a special place in your home, and singing joyfully at home and at mass, but most of all sharing the gospel, prayers, your faith, hope, and an Easter smile with all.

I wish you the best of this season, and may the Risen Lord fill your life and home with his Glory and may the Blessed Mother rejoice with you in Christ’s resurrection.

Happy Easter

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