Have You Chosen Jesus?

In our lives, we are anxious and worried about many things, and I cannot blame anyone for being concerned about getting things done and fulfilling all of our responsibilities. We have obligations to meet and God is pleased that we strive to face these duties and responsibilities.

However, the problem is when we do not give priority to those things that are really important and should have a greater value in our existence. Let us remember the message of the Gospel last week to "Love God and your neighbor" and "Be merciful as our Heavenly Father is merciful." So I ask you, what importance do you give to your spiritual life? How much do you invest in practicing acts of mercy? Are you in a hurry to celebrate the Eucharist? Do you come on time before mass? Do you leave after the priest’s final blessing? How many times have you been in our chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary adoring the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Do you have time to pray the rosary? I think the question is: Is it really Jesus, as it is for Mary in the Gospel, whom you have chosen?

The many duties of daily life should not take us from what is really important: Jesus. We cannot allow this world to distract us from our calling to holiness. Everything you do, do it for Jesus and in His name. Do not only tell God how large your problems are but remind yourself how infinite the mercy and love of God is for you. Remember God takes care of us and saves us.

I would like to thank God and to share with you that God has been so great to me during my entire life. He has chosen me, and I have chosen the best part - Jesus. I give thanks to God for my life, my priesthood and my mission with all of you at Christ the King Parish. Now I invite you to choose Him as the best part and He will not be taken from you. Let us remain forever in the presence of God and receive His blessings and the protection of our Blessed Mother.

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