God Is Calling Us Today. Let Us Answer Today.

Every one of us has been called to work in the mission of the Gospel; and this mission needs to be carried out in the right spirit, not as dominating people, but as serving them and giving our very self in answer to God's love. James and John were eager but they wanted to do things their way; so Jesus sharply rebuked them. A fire and brimstone approach even towards opponents was unacceptable. Jesus came as a Savior not as the leader of a punishment squad; he came as a revelation of love. He came to love us and to teach us to love, and he goes even further - loves your enemy.

The apostles left behind their established lifestyles in order to be with Jesus. At an earlier time, Elisha left aside his security as a farmer in order to serve with Elijah the prophet. In today’s Gospel, several people wanted to follow Jesus but found the conditions too strict. The project of spreading the kingdom of God was noble and urgent. Instead of trying to haggle with Jesus over the conditions, they could have gone with him immediately, but they didn’t. “Yes I will follow you, sir, but first let me…” Do those words sound familiar to us? Do they resemble our own first response to God’s call? I will follow you but on my own terms. I will follow you if the cost is not too high. Ideally our own ‘Yes’ to God should be total, like our Blessed Mother’s.

Don’t be afraid. Let us follow the Lord. Give yourself to God; you won't regret it and your recompense will be great in God's Kingdom.

May the Lord and the Blessed Mother bless our families and strengthen our mission.

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