Go and Make Disciples of All Nations

One of the last commands of the Lord Jesus before He ascended to heaven was the sending of all of us to "make disciples of all the nations." The first Christians really took this sentence to heart, and they went out to what they thought was the end of the earth to preach the Good News and to make disciples of all nations. It was a very difficult mission, more so than it is today, and they risked their lives and died for this cause.
It was not an easy task but they were strengthened with the power of the Holy Spirit and they trusted the promise Jesus made, "And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age." What a great promise!
In the same way, Jesus was with His disciples, he is with us now, and in the same way, He commanded them to go out, He sends us to share the goodness of the message of salvation. We need to bring more and more people to know and share our faith. Many of us complain that this world has changed so much that people are abandoning the Church, and we watch as many parishes are being closed, sold, demolished, combined, or merged. Why is this happening? The number of Christians should increase, not decrease; our faith should be strengthened, not weakened. These are signs that we need to act, that the Lord is calling us more intensely to "Go out and make disciples" here in our neighborhood, in Long Branch. We have to bring more people to Christ the King Parish, our parish. This is a call from God and is everyone's responsibility.
We are eager to welcome more people and more families to our parish. Let us work together and bring Jesus’ presence to Long Branch. We can accomplish this because God is with us always.
May the Lord Jesus bless our homes and give us all a passionate devotion to the gospel. May our Lady of Fatima pray for us.
My dear children of God, to all members of our community, rest assured that everyday, as your pastor, I raise my prayers for you and your family.

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